Simplifying Clinic Management for Hearing Professionals

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With millions upon millions of older individuals struggling from hearing impairment, hearing practices play a crucial role in society. Audiologists and hearing aid professionals help people with hearing issues return to full capacity for more rewarding and fulfilling lives. However, these practices often need some assistance of their own.

Amplify OMS is committed to helping these companies run more efficiently, productively, and profitably to the benefit of owners, providers, marketers, and patients. Learn more about what we offer below and why your practice needs to adopt this new solution.

Advanced Management Solutions For Leading Hearing Practices​

Let’s face it. Running a hearing practice isn’t easy. Often, it feels like you’re being pulled in a million different directions with countless responsibilities, to-dos, and tasks. It always feels like you’re playing catch-up. You feel like the only way to improve in one area is to make sacrifices in another. However, you don’t want to compromise any quality for your patients because you want the best for them. That’s where Amplify OMS can help!

As a hearing care practice cloud tools suite, it’s an all-in-one solution for hearing practices. Designed specifically for audiologists and hearing aid specialists, Amplify OMS has everything you need to run a successful operation. You can easily manage orders, assign tasks, accept payments, track performance, communicate with patients, and so much more. It’s all provided through a single platform, eliminating the need for practices to continue juggling countless software systems.

The Benefits of Using Amplify OMS

Amplify OMS offers the best way to manage your hearing practice. It’s user-friendly, highly effective, comprehensive, customizable, and scalable. Designed by industry insiders with the needs of hearing professionals in mind, it has everything you need to run a successful hearing practice. Whether you have dozens of clinics under your management or just a few to worry about, this cloud order management system can boost your operation’s productivity, efficiency, and organization. Let’s get into some of the details so you can get a clearer idea of how Amplify OMS will transform your business.

HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Make sure you're remaining compliant with relevant authorities so you can deliver the highest-quality products to your customers while avoiding expensive and troublesome legal problems.

Automatic Upgrades

Amplify OMS is constantly undergoing edits, changes, and improvements to ensure hearing practices continue getting the absolute best. These updates are downloaded automatically so you can always stay ahead of the competition without worrying about it.

Simplified Payment Processing

Accept a wide range of payments through a single system. This makes it easier for your clients to pay while simplifying the payment processing on your end.

Eliminate Paper Dependence

Go 100% paperless by keeping everything digitally. It's quicker, safer, more environmentally friendly, and much cheaper. That's a win-win-win-win!

Assign & Manage Tasks

Easily keep track of everyone's responsible by assigning tasks to different team members and managing deadlines so everyone is on the same page.

Financial Dashboard

Get a quick and accurate summary of your hearing practice's financial situation for simplified management and improved oversight. This way, you can make smarter and more effective decisions.

Achieve multitasking proficiency

Don't get bogged down by having a lot to do at once. Manage different tasks at the same time without getting flustered. This way, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Accommodate online booking

Easily manage and accept online bookings to make it easier for your team and customers. You can set up customized forms for easier information collection.

Call Tracking

Integrated Call tracking allows you to track the referral source of every phone call, answer the call from a desk phone or from your browser, and even make calls from your cell phone using your business phone line.

SMS and Email

Amplify OMS allows you to communicate with leads and patients directly via both SMS and email in one convenient place.

Automated Marketing and Communication

Experience predictable profit with our tailored automation, ensuring reliable income growth for your hearing care practice.

Himsa Noah Sync

Eliminate double entry and protect your database from hard drive failures with our Noah Cloud Storage and intergration. Even share Noah files for all patients across multiple locations.

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Five Reasons to Choose amplifyOMS

Managing your hearing clinic should be easy, hassle-free, and streamlined. And with Amplify OMS,  it can be! Wave goodbye to relying on countless applications just to keep your operations afloat, and say hello to personalized, comprehensive management solutions. Amplify OMS is the all-in-one solution hearing practices need to build seamless workflows. It helps with organization, planning, payment, and so much more.

It has everything you need in one, convenient place.

Many hearing practices waste valuable time and energy jumping around between half a dozen software, platforms, and applications. Amplify OMS combines the key functionality and capabilities of your favorite hearing practice OMS solutions into a single, convenient location. Now, your team has everything they need in one place, greatly streamlining the entire business's workflow. This means greater productivity, improved efficiency, fewer hiccups, and better performance overall. That also means you'll only have to pay for a single software solution, resulting in a massive drop in operational costs which means better margins for businesses.

It was designed and developed by industry professionals.

Some software developers strain their talents and efforts by trying to tackle various issues at once. Amplify OMS is different because it's focused solely on the hearing care industry. The software was designed by industry-leading professionals with decades of combined experience who have been in the trenches dealing with all the obstacles and struggles inherent within this line of work. With that insider knowledge, we were able to equip Amplify OMS with all the solutions and functionalities that actually help hearing practice professionals. Every single piece of this order management system was designed consciously with a specific purpose.

It's intuitively designed, user-friendly, and streamlined.

Hearing practices are already strained to try to keep up scheduling, communications, finances, and patient care. The last thing companies need is to introduce complicated and complex software into their workflow that would only slow things down even more. This would end up causing more harm than good. Amplify OMS avoids this problem due to its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Within just a few minutes of using it, your team will feel 100% comfortable. There's no learning curve that translates to immediate benefits for heating practices. It's tough to beat that!

It’s effective at building more profitable hearing practices.

At the end of the day, the most important factor in running a hearing practice is income. Audiologists and hearing aid professionals care deeply about their clients and want the best for them. However, they can no longer provide their life-changing services without being in a strong financial situation. Amplify OMS makes for healthier hearing practices by helping improve organization, streamline workflows, boost productivity, eliminate inefficiencies, and much more. It’s a no-brainer solution for practices that are struggling to reach their full potential.

All Hearing Practice Professionals Love Amplify OMS!

The hearing aid industry is diverse, but the same problems keep popping up everywhere. Hearing practices struggle to meet the growing demand of increasing orders. Organizations suffer as teams are spread thin. Eventually, this strain begins to impact quality. Designed by an industry insider, Amplify OMS was built to solve these problems specifically. This hyper-specialization makes our hearing care OMS services the best in the world. We've helped countless hearing practices of varying sizes improve their operations overall. Whether you're a professional audiologist or a hearing aid specialist, you'll love the ease of use, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of Amplify OMS.

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