Practice Management Software Designed By Hearing Professionals - For Hearing Professionals

Let’s face it, our business is unique. Amplify has been tailored in every way for the workflow and needs of a busy hearing practice. From inventory tracking to scheduling; key performance reporting to the most advanced database marketing system on the market- it’s everything you wish your software could be.

Whether you are a single Private Practice Audiologist or an owner of a 50 location dispensing practice, amplify has been designed with every frustration you have with your current office management system in mind. The time to compromise is over…The time to amplify is here.

Engage your patients appropriately and automatically with amplifyCRM Pro or Keap©- or a variety of other services implementing our Google Sheets© Sync. 

 Build your own automations, use another automation vendor, or let us design and implement your automated marketing for you.

an image of amplifyOMS dashboard running on a MacBook Pro 16 inch

what makes us different

Our Code is in The Code

Constant Development

Like amplifyOMS today? You’re gonna love it tomorrow. 

It's your data

We will never hold your data hostage or make you pay to export it. our goal is to build the perfect OMS that you’ll never want to leave- not to trap you in a system.

Practice First Approach

This software is developed from within a hearing care practice, with the primary goal of improving workflow and profitability. 

We Listen

We continually strive to take user suggestions and implement them into the system in a way that benefits all users. 

You're a Human

Our primary philosophy of workflow is that humans need to do what they are good at, while we design workflows that allow the software to do what it’s good at. At the end of the day- it’s about freeing up human time so they can shine. 


Our goal when designing our structure and data sets is to create an incredibly flexible system that is designed for any kind of hearing care workflow- no matter how you approach it.