Cusotm discount definition module


Predefine your discounts to make sure staff stays in price compliance.

Device Offerings

Define what devices show up in your system, at what price- event define lease availability and variable monaural/ binaural pricing.

Hours Of Operation

It's okay. You can take time off. We'll Block the schedule.


Intake Questionnaire

What do you want to know before your patient comes in? It's totally up to you. You can email them a link, have all of the information ready and keep your lobby flowing.


How many patients do you want to see this month? How many units do you want to fit? How close are you to getting there. You can define your goals and your results update live on your dash board.

Cusotm discount definition module

Third Party Payers

You can define your third party payers based on the ones you are working with- amplify has been designed to track third party business along with private pay business in an intuitive way.