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Designed from the ground up in a busy, successful hearing practice!

The needs of a hearing clinic are unique. There’s just no business exactly like it. Amplify OMS has been designed from the ground up in a busy, successful hearing practice. When we decided no practice management system on the marketplace could do what we wanted,(especially after the one we were using was bought by a cochlear implant supplier), we decided it was time to start from scratch designing our own. After a few years of work, Amplify OMS was ready.

Its been designed with the features you need, and smooth daily workflow to make the day easy on your staff. Divide and market to your database like a pro, communicate with other members of the team. See your sales flow and practice health at a glance, dive into deep reporting, assign call lists to your staff, and keep your customers connected via text and email appointment reminders.

Business Overview

Business Overview - Amplify OMS

Dashboard Open View

Dashboard Open View - Amplify OMS

Hearing Aids List

Hearing Aids List - Amplify OMS

Marketing Summary Report

Marketing Summary Report - Amplify OMS

Open Invoices

Open Invoices - Amplify OMS


Returns - Amplify OMS

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