Access To Your Data

Access to your data on Amplify OMS over any internet connection with any device, anytime, anywhere. You do not have to be in the office to stay connected.

Patient Care

Designed by Hearing Practice Managers and front office staff to track critical patient data in real time with rational workflow.

Office Forms

Amplify OMS automatically creates forms that reflect the professionalism of your office.

Financial & Billing

Amplify OMS allows you to stay on top of your financials with efficient tracking and billing tools. Create invoices, track gross margins, merge with QuickBooks Online for eliminating double entry.


Our easy to use scheduling system has been designed to be used quickly on the phone with the fewest keystrokes possible. Confirm appointments by text and email.


Tons of reports allow you to track staff performance, gross margin, marketing performance, third party sales, and much more.

File Storage

Go paperless! Store unlimited audiograms per patient and all pertinent files in a file pocket for each patient.


See the critical data you need now instantly on one screen, desktop or mobile. Perfect for busy, data driven business owner. Each employee level has their own dashboard to get right to work on their assignments and information quickly.


Divide your patient database in ways you only dreamed of before. Create mail lists and call lists with ease. Analyze your marketing performance effectively and easily.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is the future. Executed properly, it can ampify not only your revenue, but your free time. Amplify OMS offers two levels of automated marketing: DIY Marketing, Premium Automated Marketing.

Website Integration

You are now able to integrate your website and Amplify OMS schedule. This enables your new or existing patient’s to book appointments directly from your website!

Task Management & Recalls

With easy access and real-time notification, calling patients back has never been easier! Track, organize, and assign office tasks to others in seconds.