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Two Levels of Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is the future. Executed properly, it can ampify not only your revenue, but your free time. Amplify OMS offers two levels of automated marketing:

  • DIY Marketing. Save yourself time and money while maximizing the power of your database. Amplify OMS includes a robust automated marketing platform in an easy to use “do it yourself” format. Send confirmation emails or letter as soon as an appointment is booked. Automate the appointment reminder process, even reach out automatically to your patients for annual hearing tests and upgrades.
  • Premium Automated Marketing. An automated marketing solution that handles everything from nurturing leads that are coming into your database, educating your current patients, keeping them coming back for more, increasing referrals, and generally harnessing the true power of your external marketing and your database with pre built campaigns.*
* Premium feature. Extra charges apply dependent upon the needs of the business and the size of the patient database. Ask us for details.