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QuickBooks Online

Accounting for the Modern Age

Quickbooks online can be a huge benefit to your practice. The subscription service means you don't have to buy new software every few years, worry about hard drive crashes deleting your info, and the flexibility of being able to access your financial data from any computer anywhere is a game changer. However, if your OMS is set up for the old desktop version, switching to QBO means a lot of double entry.

No More Double Entry!

You don't have to let your clunky underfeatured Clinic Management Software keep you from upgrading your accounting systems. Take a look at amplify OMS. We can save you money month to month while upgrading and simplifying your workflow. Finally, you can use a cloud-based accounting system with your office management software. Free yourself from double entry, and move your accounting into the 21st century with our Quickbooks Online Sync feature.

*premium feature- $10 per month upgrade fee

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