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Online Booking

Unlock the power of your website with website integration. Take in new appointments and populate them on your schedule from the web-complete with a convenient manual confirmation process to ensure that all web appointments are real people who actually want to come in to your practice.

You are able to control available appointment type, provider, and location directly in Amplify OMS. The appointment will appear automatically on your Amplify OMS online appointments section from where you can quickly create new patient if it doesn't exist and create an appointment.

Amplify OMS will send appointment reminders via email or text. Patients are able to confirm their appointment with a single click!

Drag & Drop Appointments

We’ve made it even easier to adjust appointments and reserved times in your Amplify OMS calendar! The Drag & Drop feature will let you:

  • Change the date and time of appointments & reserved times.
  • Move appointments & reserve times to a different schedules.
  • Adjust the Duration of appointments & reserve times.
  • Schedule blocks for specific date or create recurring schedule blocks for specific date range.

Customize your Scheduling View

Now you can filter the events in the calendar by Provider or by Clinic. Choose between many different display options such as:

  • Day, week, month or list
  • Select color for each appointment type
  • Specify default duration for each appointment type

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